How To Start A Business With PPC and SEO

About 85% of people use search engines to find the information they need. So it is natural to use such a powerful source of a worldwide audience that will be interested in your products and services, for your profit.

There are two primary ways of making search engines bring visitors to your site: search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. In this article we would try to examine these ways, determining their advantages and disadvantages.

PPC advertising.

PPC advertisement is a text link, usually shown on the right or on the top side of search results and displayed when someone who searches enters the key phrase that you have defined.

The chief virtue of the PPC advertising is that you pay only when visitors click on your link.

Merits of PPC advertising:

  • You pay only for the click.
  • You can control your advertising campaign determining the bid (higher bid gives higher results) and the budget (money that you want to spend on the advertising).
  • You can start your campaign right away, when you want and you don’t need to wait a lot of time. You’ll start getting your visitors as soon as you ad will appear at the search results page.
  • Your ad contains the link to the page specified by you, so you don’t depend on search engine, which may rank your page with contacts higher than the homepage for some reasons.
  • You can analyze the statistics and discover which terms bring more target visitors to you.

Demerits of PPC advertising:

  • It can be difficult to manage vast campaign.
  • The cost can be very high.
  • You loose traffic as soon as your money comes to the end. Don’t forget that your the texts of the ads must be created carefully, ’cause a lot depends of them.


SEO (sometimes called natural, or organic, SEO) – is the websites content and code optimization and link popularity raising for getting high rankings in search engines for certain keyword or keyword phrase.

There is the opinion, often presented as the irrefutable fact, that SEO is quite an easy and cheap way to achieve great results. But it is not so simple. Maybe some years ago it was so, maybe even now it is so for noncompetitive terms, but if you want your site to appear at the first places of the SERP for the search phrases like “hosting” or “real estate”, you should invest a lot of money and find good SEO-expert.

Merits of natural Search engine optimization:

  • It’s sometimes cheaper than PPC.
  • Focusing your efforts on some competitive search phrase, you can also achieve a success with some other ones and your site may appear in tens and hundreds of SERPs.
  • Majority of searchers click on the natural search results (about 60% in comparison with 40% on the PPC advertising). This means, that even if you spend the same money and time on the PPC and SEO, optimization will bring you more traffic.
  • SEO will bring you more prolonged results.

Demerits of SEO:

  • It requires a lot of time to achieve results (from few months to several years).
  • Even professional SEO-master can’t vouch for your website presence at the top positions of the determined SERP.
  • Search engines can develop more sophisticated ranking algorithms every day, so it is possible to lose all your achievements in a moment.

It is necessary to note that both SEO and PPC will bring target visitors to your site only in case if you choose appropriate search terms to the thematic of your site (and business). For example, the fact that your site can be easy found for the search phrase “yellow tulips”, doesn’t means that you could sell a lot of motor spares from your site.

We can’t point you which way to go. Both Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click advertising have some advantages and disadvantages. A lot of website owners combine these methods. They use SEO for one group of search terms and PPC advertising for the other group, striving to get the biggest traffic (and correspondingly the biggest profit). There is one more thing that you shouldn’t forget: thousands visitors per day won’t bring you money if your site is poor, product is useless, support rude and service has low quality.

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