Why Website Promotion Is Important

The rash growth of Internet caused the quick and powerful development of online business and electronic commerce. A lot of people search and buy goods online. So it appeared to be of vital importance for even off-line businesses to be represented online. Nowadays, it’s not enough just to create a website with the description of your goods and services. You should promote it online. Website’s promotion plays a great role in letting people know about it. More people will visit your site if they find it in the first pages of search engines results. There are a lot of ways how customers can find your site, but anyway you should work at your site to make it interesting and informative. The major part of site’s promotion takes search engines optimization.

In this article, I am going to give you some peace of advice on how effective and easily optimize and promote the site and make it useful for target visitors.

1. First of all, when we are going to create the website, we should decide the keywords for our site. Choose the most appropriate to the business keywords you can from here: https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/

For example, if our site is about flowers delivery in New Jersey, the following keywords will be the most appropriate:

new jersey state flower
flower delivery trenton new jersey
new jersey flower show
flowers new jersey
roses New Jersey
wedding flowers new jersey
new jersey wedding flowers
new jersey flower
flower delivery monmouth new jersey
flower shop monmouth new jersey
flower shop in new jersey
flower delivery new jersey
new jersey flower shop
new jersey wholesale flower
new jersey wedding flower
flower world new jersey
wholesale flower in new jersey
flower delivery in new jersey

You can optimize your site for one keyword, but I’d better advise to optimize every page of your site for different keywords. Doing so, you’ll attract more visitors, because different people think differently and use different words and phrases while searching for the same thing.

2. The site’s code should be as small as possible because nobody will wait for minutes until your website’s pages will download, even if the content is excellently interesting and useful. They’ll never see your site if it will download more than 3 seconds and you’ll lose your potential customers. Search engines pay much attention to the correctness of your code. So, please, use some HTML validators to make sure that your site’s code is alright.

Search engines pay a lot of attention to words which are located in tags, META tags and titles.

Titles must be carefully created. Don’t create useless titles, like “homepage”, use keywords while forming titles for the pages. And remember that the title should fit the description and content of the page.

AND, always remember about the sense of proportion. Don’t put too many keywords to your web pages, unless your site should have big chances to be banned for spam.

It’s also necessary to remember that the closer to the page’s beginning in the source code the words are the more valuable they are to the search engines. So, try to put the keywords at the top of the page.

3. Surfing, the Internet people want to find new and useful information. So let’s always remember that site’s content must be readable, interesting and useful for readers. Because, as, after all, we write not only for search engines but also for humans.

The text must be:

  1. original – you can check it by querying several quotations from your text in the search engines. The text is original if you don’t get one-to-one correspondence. You can also check it on the following site: http://www.copyscape.com/
  2. grammatically correct.
  3. interesting – it means urgency and usefulness of information
  4. easily readable – visible text, normal text size.

Small sentences are grasped better than long ones. The length of the words in the article may be approximately 500 -1200 ones. You don’t have to make keywords density more than 5-7%. It’s rather hard to tell exactly what is the best density but it’s precisely known that better less than more, ’cause some search engines may consider text with a big amount of keywords as a spam, which may bring the page to ban.

The page size mustn’t exceed 100Kb, the best size is about 10-40Kb. But the decrease of page size must be achieved only due to optimizing document code, not informative content.

4. The more sites link to your source the more respected it is considered to be by the search engines. Links have more value if they come from the thematic resources. Links aren’t only useful for the site promotion in search engines but also can bring you target visitors from other sites.

There are several ways to get inbound links:
– to trade links with other (better thematic and not competitive) resources
– submit your content with the link to your resource to other sites
– submit your site to the catalogues

5. And the last thing I’d like you to know and follow is the principle of usability. Don’t make people guess how to contact you or find some info. All pages of your site should be at the distance of 2 clicks from the homepage. To do this you can create a sitemap. This will be useful not only for users but also for your site’s better indexing in search engines.

Search engine optimization is free and it will bring targeted visitors to your site. Following this tips, you will be able to achieve higher rankings for your site and attract a lot of target traffic to it.

– Good luck with your online business and site’s promotion!

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