5 Steps Towards Passive Income Online

Nothing reminds you of the benefits of creating passive income than the thought of having to leave them for 80 percent of the time in no longer than a week. I have always been open about my position in the internet marketing/online business world and I am looking to build as much of a lifestyle for me and my family even 2 years down the line. It seems a long time, but I finally believe that I am making good headway on fulfilling my dream of a passive income stream alongside my other offline endeavours.

I love just about everything about garden design. I enjoy meeting people face to face, the physical aspects and most of all that I can create something from nothing and produce a well sculpted, self-sufficient landscape, albeit with a clients input of course.:)

The very same principles often apply to creating businesses online. You create your website, you build your content and you attract readers, customers or whatever it may be. If you build it right and set up the right systems to your advantage, you then have the ability to reap the rewards of a self-sufficient landscape, in this case, the technological landscape! To leave you as self-sufficient as possible you can automate just about anything, and if you can’t automate, you can outsource it at very low cost.

I had no idea how people were making a living online, how search engines worked or even whether it could be done. Don’t take it from me because I really am at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to a leader in this field, I do know that I’m as well read (or listened) as most on the subject so I believe I have a fair bit to offer for anyone looking to grow an existing business online or are looking to start something that will hopefully change their lives and give them more location and financial freedom in the long run.

It’s no easy fix but it will be faster than you think if you focus on the project in hand and only that! I have been obsessed with finding interesting ways fo exploring my passions and my focus is something I have to keep an eye on every day. My ideas come every day but unless you are taking action and following through, believe me when I say, you will be spinning plates while watching them drop one by one into the website graveyard.

I’m almost ashamed to admit that at one point I had 12 websites on the go while I was learning and I’m only left with a few that showed potential. Someone once said that if you’re not making money on a venture, it’s not a business, it’s a hobby, and boy have I had a few hobbies!

I want to give you the first things to consider as a complete beginner to blogging, creating websites or even running a business online.

Create Your Website

Learn how to set up or outsource a WordPress website.

Self-publishing platforms are without a doubt our present and our future. Why pay thousands to a designer when you can set one up for free at Worpress.org if you have a hosting account set up and then use the money to tweak the design should you not want to use the free templates. Check out 99 designs for logos and to find someone who can make your site your own if it seems too daunting but your hosting company could very well have a 1 click install that will get you up and run in minutes. Again, you can get your designer/developer to do this for you if you’re not ready.

Of course, WordPress isn’t the only publishing platform, there are other website builders that will give you the ability to build it yourself with hosting incorporated in the price. There will also be a free version so you can even try others and see what works for you. I have always used WordPress (or at least since early 2009) and I will swear by its ease and efficiency.

For hosting, I have an account with Bluehost who offer the one-click install options that I spoke about earlier but also give you unlimited domains on the same account, especially good for those of us with a penchant for multiple projects!

Feel free to get in touch and remember, the only way to learn is to do, and you have nothing to lose but time.

–  Until next time, good luck!

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