Too Afraid To Fail: Paralysis By Analysis

There is only so much credit that can be given to an idea. As entrepreneurs and creative thinkers most of us will have tens, sometimes hundreds of ideas a week. The fact of the matter is that without action that idea will only ever be that and it’s always better to take action no matter how bad the idea is. At least if you go for it and test it out on others you’ll either fail or succeed and whether you fail or succeed, at least you’ll be able to make a decision and that can build on or discarded in the space of a month or so at most.

I’m a huge proponent of failing fast, and believe me I’ve done enough of it. However, I’ve not always followed through on some good ideas of mine and I often wonder what would have happened if I had continued with a laser focus.

I despise the feeling of regret and as they say ‘you only regret the things you don’t do!’

I’ll talk more about how to focus and what tools you can use to do so, but for now, pick one project and follow that through. Believe me, there is plenty of time to fulfil all of your life’s work but if you just skim over all of them, it will end up with you having less to show that the average Joe and we all know that isn’t the case!