The 5 Must-Haves for Any Online Business

Find a Partner/Mentor

We are always inclined to do it for ourselves and make things happen quietly so that you can appear from nowhere. Let me tell you that going it alone is a bad idea and I know from experience you can burn out pretty quick. I quickly realised that without someone who is like minded to bounce ideas off and gear you up for all of those late nights you will reach a point where you have nothing left. I luckily have a friend who helps me get through the more technical side of things and he has built and designed nearly every project I’ve ever brought to fruition. If you don’t have someone that you can brainstorm with or get help from all I can say is Outsource.


Although I learnt by setting up my own sites and fumbling my way through some of the most ridiculously easy tasks it showed me more than anything how important it was to pay a specialist to get it done as efficiently as possible. I love to write because it is similar to an information dump from my overactive mind but I don’t kid myself I can do other things! Online there are some revolutionary opportunities and amazing companies that allow you to submit a project and have tons of responses from people who are qualified to carry out that task and all at very affordable rates. You can then interview the candidate of interest and hire them from their feedback, portfolio etc. It’s well worth testing out a small project to see how it all works and possibly meet someone you can work with long term. Well worth a look if you’re looking to move things forward and you have some budget to put to it.


This may be old hat to some people because it’s almost a standard these days but since learning about WordPress 2 years ago I haven’t looked back. This is a publishing platform that allows you to host your own domain. There is one version ( that has free hosting with it but I don’t know anyone that is looking to build a long-term online business without their own self-hosted website, and you can get that at! WordPress is so easy to update and control from the backend that my mum learnt in a few hours. I had built my first amateur site within minutes of watching youtube tutorials.

For links go to my Resources page and click on ‘WordPress.’ If you’re looking for hosting, I’ve always gone with BlueHost and you’ll find these here too.

Social Networking

As I’m sure you’d understand, I was always so reluctant to join the hoards that were signing up to Facebook, Twitter and youtube amongst others, but in the past 6 months I’ve caved and more than the converted. After listening to books like Gary Vaynerchuk ‘Crush it’ and ‘The Thank You Economy’ and following peoples journey using social networks it was quite evident that this was the only way it was going. With Google buying Youtube and facebook incorporating their own advertising it was clear to see that they and a handful of others have hijacked the online dynamics on a global scale!

The real proof came when I signed up and began building relationships with people I would never have been in direct contact with otherwise. It’s the quickest way to meet people who are not the same things or who are looking for what you offer. Most of all it helps you to build your for free and as consistently as you choose. I was definitely converted and although I’m far from perfect I’ve found myself documenting my work in every form of media I can. In reality, once that day has gone it is history, why not let others learn from it too and build friendships and online relationships along the way!

Believe and be Passionate

Although this may sound like a cliche, I am one of the biggest scatterbrains when it comes to knuckling down to one thing. I have a mind that will lead me in one direction and I will see another exciting project and dart back and forth while killing myself in the process. This, unfortunately, the way of my genetics but I have found one thing that without a doubt keeps me at the moment and focused on one thing only and that is ENJOYING WHAT IM DOING! I have embarked on so many projects and ideas in the past 4 to 5 years than most would do in a lifetime and I wouldn’t recommend this to anybody. Shamedly, this was a result of my fierce quest to become location independent which would free up time and allow me to work on something even more exciting than the last! It’s a pretty unsustainable way of working and it would only end up me not finishing anything I started and burning out.

When I finally did get down to projects and subjects that interested me I quickly realised that I didn’t want to be somewhere else and with this comes truth and transparency. If you know what you love and you talk about there really is nothing to hide.

I know it sounds cheesy but this is the most important point to remember, you have only one life and eventually, you’re always going to want to end doing what you want, so why not start now for a very little cost.

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