My Biggest Effective Advertising Lessons

The role of advertising in the promotional strategy nowadays is of high importance and can’t be undervalued. Advertising is the powerful tool able to reach and motivate large audiences. The public must be motivated by the good advertising techniques that are used for the goods and services promotion. With the development of the Internet, many new advertising opportunities have appeared. Each year, the bigger sums are invested in web promotion of goods and services. The Internet has become the most efficient way to reach narrow audiences. The first step to make the promotion successful is to create the good advertisement.

Creating the right advertisement is like art. People see plenty of advertisements every day. The most of them are ignored. But from time to time some of them attract our attention. What makes us notice them among others? What are the secrets of a successful ad?

The first thing that you need to do is to determine the aim of the advertisement. The main goal of every promotion is to induce the audience to some conclusion or action, for example:

  • to visit the site;
  • to attract a new partner;
  • to buy your products;

Therefore, you must realize and concentrate on the aim before starting to write an advertisement. The shorter your advertisement is, the more probability exists that people will read it. Remember and follow the following rule: the meaning of every offer must be put in 100-120 symbols. The thing is, that the majority of people are always in a hurry. On the one hand, if you describe your offer in details, you’ll attract the more prepared visitor to your site. But on the other hand, long descriptions can frighten off your potential clients.

The advertisement should consist of 4 parts:

  1. Slogan.
  2. Title.
  3. The advertisement itself.
  4. Echo-phrase (Conclusion).

The presence of all components is not obligatory. Everything depends on the kind (sort) of presented goods and services.


The slogan does not have to be present in every advertisement. The slogan represents the essence and philosophy of the company and its corporate policy. The company can produce thousands of goods or offer hundreds of services but there is no need to create the slogan for each of them as it’s not effective. The main requirement for the slogan is that it must be short, well-remembered and permanent; it must contain the name of the trademark and be easily translated into foreign languages. Here are the several examples of the most successful slogans:

  • Just do it (Nike).
  • Think small (Volkswagen).
  • Because you’re worth it – (L’Oreal).
  • I’m lovin’ it – (McDonald’s).
  • Think different ( Apple Computer, AAPL).


The title is the most important part of the advertisement. It must contain the main idea of your offer. The 80% of people do not read the advertisement after seeing the title.

The main functions of the title are:

  • to attract the attention of the audience;
  • to raise the interest in the offer;
  • to recognize the potential buyers clearly;
  • to identify the goods or services;
  • to sell the goods or services.

The advertisement itself

You should describe your goods or services in the main part of advertisement carefully. Give your argumentation and short description of your offer. This part of advertisement can be presented in the different ways:

  • you can give the most important arguments at the beginning of the advertisement text and finish with insignificant things;
  • you can describe the products, comparing them;
  • you can raise the problem and provide the solution for it;
  • you can present your advertisement in the form of instruction;
  • you can present your advertisement in the form of dialogue;
  • you can quote the well-known persons, who count in favour of your goods/services;
  • you can quote the audience;
  • you can start the text with the question;
  • you can make several sections in your advertisement text if it has a rather big length.


The echo-phrase is the final part of your advertisement. It’s one of the most important elements of your offer, as it’s the most read part together with the title. The main function of the echo-phrase is to summarize your advertisement. The most popular ways of concluding the offer are:

  • to use the name of the trademark;
  • to use the name of the trademark and slogan of the company;
  • to use the name of the trademark and slogan created for the particular advertising campaign.

Please remember that the formatting and design of your advertising are also very important. Try to imagine yourself in the customer’s shoes and feel his needs. Don’t forget about feelings. Use your imagination.

– The success of your offer depends on you!

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