Get Started With Affiliate Marketing Websites

When I first about the concept of affiliate marketing I was under the impression that it was only for people who had a background in sales and marketing and not for the average newbie like me but far from it. The truth if the matter is that any aspect of Internet business can be learnt through following a specific mentor or using good old YouTube for some video education. There’s never been a better time to learn these methods and you can start educating yourself immediately.

The basic premise behind affiliate marketing is, you find a product that you believe is in demand and has low competition, you set up a website around this product with the sole intention of generating leads to another site by promoting it, and if you can, get it to the first page of google as this is where 80% of the traffic resides!

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that there is no inventory to hold, no customers to deal with and no initial outlay other than a website and hosting. If you already have a website devoted to this particular or similar product then you’re halfway there!

Many companies have affiliate programs you can sign up to and if they don’t and you think they fit perfectly for your site it’s always worth asking. Companies like Amazon have built in affiliate programs that will make it easier for you but they have a low referral rate.

It’s just a case of signing up for the program, receiving the code they I’ve you and copy pasting into your website sidebar or text links.

I’ll talk more about affiliate marketing in the coming weeks as I am embarking on my first serious website using only this method as a monetization method. I’ll keep you updated as the site grows, but for now, I would check it out, there are thousands of people using affiliate marketing as their primary source of income and if you find the right market, so can you.

I’ve provided a link to MaxBounty which should give you a good idea of it’s potential.